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Newman outlines mad plan to industrialise Cape York

 Wednesday, 18 September 2013 Queensland needs to protect the precious few pristine wild rivers left in the world Plan dispenses with Wild River protections & undermines World Heritage nomination Plan opens Cape up for at least 8 new mines, dams and land clearing

Conservationists have branded the Cape York Statutory Regional Plan a blueprint for the Newman Government dream to industrialise the region.

Wilderness Society Northern Australia Campaigner Gavan McFadzean warned that the plan, unveiled today, scraps Wild River protections and places under threat areas that earlier this year were assessed as World Heritage standard.

“The Cape York Statutory Regional Plan is nothing but a blueprint for destroying World Heritage landscapes with mining and insane agricultural schemes,” said Northern Australia Campaigner Gavan McFadzean

“This Queensland Government wants to open up the most sensitive waterways and landscapes to mining, dams and land clearing on an unprecedented scale. "Cape York’s World Heritage quality landscapes are given lip service while approvals for new dams and mines are rushed through.

Under this plan only 16 per cent of Cape York’s World Heritage quality landscapes will be preserved, ignoring the huge employment and economic opportunities that come with World Heritage protection.

"Queensland has some of the precious few pristine wild rivers left in the world, and it is our responsibility to treasure and protect them.

“The Wenlock is one of four rivers to have its Wild River status removed.

The Wenlock River has more freshwater fish species than any other river in Australia and is the lifeblood for the tall eucalypt woodlands, the western Cape’s few remaining pockets tropical rainforests and the Steve Irwin Nature Reserve, which John Howard set up in memory to a great Australian conservationist.

“All large-scale northern Australian irrigation projects have been expensive spectacular failures, with $1.3 billion wasted on the Ord. Cape York is now following the same flawed development model.

“The consultation on this plan thus far has been a joke, limited to a few people, powerful local vested interests and mining companies.

Yet Traditional Owners have spent the last three years consulting over whether to embrace a World Heritage nomination over their country. This plan rides roughshod over the aspirations of Traditional Owners in Cape York.”






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