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Coal Seam Gas
Australian Federal Government

Welcome to where we provide the opportunity for Citizen Journalists to publish their stories from around the globe.

In Australia, the controversial coal seam gas industry is developing rapidly, with the corporate gas giants using their influence on governments to introduce sweeping changes to environmental and land access laws.

Unlike the USA, in Australia the 'Crown' legally owns the natural resources regardless of land title deeds and traditional land use. Each state government administers exploration and mining licenses and collects royalties from the companies.


Productivity Commission - Major Project Development Assessment Processes

The draft report was released on 5 August 2013. Written submissions were invited by 13 September 2013. Final report to Government - 6 December 2013

PDF Major Project Development Assessment Processes Draft report
Word Major Project Development Assessment Processes Draft report


The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines have recently been updated with the revision of Chapter 8: Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals.

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act

Coalition changes environment protection laws

15 Nov 2013 - ABC - The Federal Government has introduced a bill that would make it harder to challenge Commonwealth environmental approvals in court.

In the lead-up to the election, it promised to streamline the environmental approval process for mines and other developments, and now it has revealed proposed changes to the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation act.

It has proposed that federal environment ministers who fail to consider bio-conservation advice when they make approvals will no longer be exposed to legal action.

Ministers will still be required to consider relevant bio-conservation advice, but if they fail to do so, the decision will still be valid, and third parties will not be able to challenge approvals in court on that basis.

The following media release from Greens senator Larissa Waters is published in full

Abbott Government backtracks on CSG promise in Senate

14 Nov 2013 - Greens - The old parties today opposed a Greens' Senate motion calling on Tony Abbott to keep the promise he reportedly made to a Tara resident less than two weeks ago that nobody should be forced to have a gas well on their property.

"Tony Abbott continually says one thing in the bush on CSG and another in Canberra," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said.

"It's hypocritical to visit a mother who has valid concerns that nearby CSG wells are making her children sick and, by her account, make a promise that your own Senators won't acknowledge in Parliament.

"Tony Abbott went to the election with a policy that farmers should have the right to say no to CSG on their land and, constitutionally, there's nothing to stop the federal government from delivering on this.

"But Tony Abbott hasn't done anything to give landholders that right, despite saying they should have it when he's in the bush and in his election policy - in fact his party consistently votes against Greens' moves to grant landholders the rights they deserve to protect their land from dangerous CSG.

"Once again today, Mr Abbott's Senators, including the Nationals, voted against holding the Prime Minister to his promise and his election policy, and continue to deny landholders the right to say no to CSG.

"Sadly, as well as the Nationals once again caving in to their Coalition partners, Labor also opposed the Greens' motion, again confirming that the Greens are the only major party standing with the community against CSG," Senator Waters said.


The editors of advise that this website is encouraging all political parties to contribute, especially if their policies place the health, well-being and rights of citizens ahead of mining profits.

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