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Coal Seam Gas

Gloucester is awaiting the decision on whether AGL can start fracking 300m from family homes. AGL want to start fracking as soon as possible.

A matter of trust: – letter to Gloucester Advocate 27 November 2013

The underlying assumption on which AGL bases its conceptual hydrological model is that the basin is a closed system. It is a matter of trust that AGL asks us to accept this.

This from the Review of Environmental Factors (REF): 'the flaring at the Waukivory wells would represent an increase of 0.011 per cent on-Australia's national greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 20l2'.

Yet later, NSW emissions are listed.

Now, if AGL used these figures and after all we are in NSW then the emission levels would be about five times higher.

Did someone ask, why not use Gloucester Valley figures?

After all, this is-where the project is located.

This is a reasonable question to ask as AGL have recently used a spectrometer to measure the ambient methane concentration in the valley.

Translation - we have given you some information which could have been based on world figures instead. Trust us.

Some more from the REF: 'the flaring of extraction gas compared to direct gas venting is estimated to result in a reduction of approximately 1307.1 kilo-tonnes of CO2'.

Did I hear same someone ask why not collect the gas and use it elsewhere instead of up setting the locals and heating up the valley a tiny bit? '

A logical person may conclude that flaring is the cheapest and most convenient option.

'Translation - trust us as we could just vent the methane except that the pesky locals would create a fuss and it is against the law.

But, what if there was no law?

Now back to the Gloucester basin.

AGL describes the basin as being like a bathtub which paints a picture of a contained or sealed unit in which all this complex geology has somehow been created.

The petrology of underlying Alum Mountain volcanics supports AGL’s view of an impervious layer.

Except after the sediments were deposited the whole formation was subjected to several phases of tectonic forces which resulted in a basin with complex faulting and folding.

In simple terms, the basement rocks were broken and sheared in many places, like the rocks in the basin and these areas could be possible conduits.

I can not prove that the system is open or closed and neither can AGL.

It is a matter of trust on which we are asked to accept a conceptual model based upon AGL’s assumption.

Ray Dawes


Used with permission


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