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The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines have recently been updated with the revision of Chapter 8: Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals.

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Coal Seam Gas

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Rolling updates from the Bentley Blockade

2014-03-28 - Rural Fire Service volunteers at Bentley are resigning after their fire station has been taken over by the police, against local's wishes, to direct the 100 riot police and 100 regular police converging to break a blockade against fracking company Metgasco.

Before the ink was dry on the NSW Land Access announcement, the EPA began a new investigation into the latest Santos spill at the Pilliga
28 March 2014 - The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is investigating a release of about 500 litres of produced water which entered a diversion drain at the Santos Narrabri Gas Field on Tuesday March 25

Agreed Principles of NSW Land Access signed!

Negotiated by NSW Farmers, NSW Irrigators, Cotton Australia, AGL, Santos and Minister Roberts

The Agreed Principles of the NSW Coal Seam Gas Land Access Agreement is here

More information on the  Land Access


In Australia, the controversial coal seam gas industry is developing rapidly, with the corporate gas giants using their influence on governments to introduce sweeping changes to environmental and land access laws.

Unlike the USA, in Australia the 'Crown' legally owns the natural resources regardless of land title deeds and traditional land use. Each state government administers exploration and mining licenses and collects royalties from the companies.

Letter from QLD farmer to local paper:

On the shake of a hand – that is how deals used to be done in rural communities.

The shake of a hand and your word was your bond.

Then the CSG and mineral resource circus rolled into town and exploited the trust and faith of the rural landholders for their own ends.

The first contacts were by landholder liaison officers, who were usually ex-rural based so were considered ‘trustworthy’, and the landholders were blindsided by ‘free money’ for the privilege of ‘exploration’ works undertaken on their land.

Seismic surveys, exploratory well drilling, environmental and ecological impact surveys, all explained in non-threatening terms and the landholder had faith and trust that these companies would do the right thing.

There were all the ‘presents’ – gravelled roads, grids, new gates so the landholder felt obligated to the resource company.

Unfortunately, the information they were presented with didn’t reveal the impact yet to come when vehicles, heavy machinery, and people and phone calls, emails, faxes and meetings became an everyday unwelcome disruption to someone’s life and business.

The wells were drilled and then had to be connected to pipelines so more disruption, meetings, phone calls, emails etc.

Now compressor stations are needed to be connected to processing hubs and the local roads and residents are being heavily impacted by the thousands of heavy vehicle movements required to build these projects.

This entire infrastructure now has to be powered so the substations and high voltage transmission lines solely being constructed for the CSG companies are moving in.

The rural community had absolutely no comprehension of what was to come when the first landholder liaison officer showed up to chat about the ‘low impact’ CSG wells.

No wonder landholders are feeling duped and embarrassed by the conduct and compensation agreements they naively signed at the beginning.

Australia Authorizing Destruction of Great Barrier Reef
18 November 2013 - Australia continues to give the go-ahead for the development of new coal and natural gas ports within the Great Barrier Reef, and thus the continued destruction of the reef seems inevitable.

The World Heritage Committee may declare the Great Barrier Reef a ‘World Heritage Site in Danger’.

Like us, I am sure many of you are asking, how can Australia let this happen?

As shown in this ABARE map, the Eastern Gas Market is not connected to the Western Market (WA) and the Northern Market (NT) by pipelines.

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The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines have recently been updated with the revision of Chapter 8: Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals.






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