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Exposing the Risks:
Fundamental Flaws in AGL’s application to frack CSG wells in Gloucester

Risk Sheet 1:
Discrepancies and Contradictions
Risk Sheet 2:
Toxic Chemicals in Fracking Fluid
Risk Sheet 3:
Flooding at Site
Risk Sheet 4:
Connectivity of Coal Seams and Beneficial Aquifers
Risk Sheet 5:
Management of Fracking Fluid
Risk Sheet 6:
Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria
Risk Sheet 7:
Air Quality and Methane
Risk Sheet 8:
Water Monitoring - Useful Data?
Risk Sheet 9:
Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems and Threatened Species
Risk Sheet 10:
Rationale for Fracking
Risk Sheet 11:
Inadequate Environmental Incident Response Plan (EIRP)
Risk Sheet 12:
Health Impacts
Concluding Statement
Appendix A: Commentary: Problems with meeting the requirements of the NSW Code of Practice for Coal Seam Gas Fracture Stimulation Activities (CoP)

AGL Gloucester Milk Experiment
Is Fracking Produced Water Safe in Our Milk?

Gloucester Water Studies

MidCoast Water concerned at AGL's haste

2004 gas blow out 300m away in the same wells

Lies, damned lies, statistics
and AGL

ACCC takes action
Dec.2013 against AGL

AGL versus
Environment Protection Agency 2013

AGL fined $1,550,000
for deceptive & misleading conduct 2013

NoFibs Gloucester Showdown

Fracking near Gloucester homes under AGL’s latest coal seam gas plans

Federal member for Lyne
Dr David Gillespie

AGL buys up Hunter Valley vineyards

CSG companies ignore water quality guidelines in irrigation reports

A matter of trust: – letter to Gloucester Advocate

AGL’s Gloucester ‘Produced Water’ Irrigation Trial
“A Sham and a Farce!”

AGL's proposed gas storage facility at Tomago, near Newcastle

2011 NSW Parliament
Inquiry into Coal Seam Gas

Affected Mid North Coast Councils

Upper Hunter Shire Council

Thomas Davey, Tourism Advancing Gloucester

MidCoast Water

New South Wales Farmers Associations Dairy Committee

Bruce Robertson,
Beef cattle farmer

Steven Robinson, Psychiatrist

Barrington-Gloucester-Stroud Preservation Alliance

Manning Alliance


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Coal Seam Gas

Magnum Gas & Power Limited (MPE) is an exploration company. MPE through its subsidiary hold interests in Coal Seam Gas (CSG) in Wollongong, NSW, Australia through a joint venture with Apex Energy NL.

Apex Energy - Burragorang Region (PEL 454)

Apex Energy is an unlisted private company. Apex Energy have stated on their website: "Our position is clear – We have no intention to complete any wells via the ‘fraccing’ completion method"
"Apex and its representatives have previously stated publically in meetings, conferences and technical discussions that it does not believe that fraccing will produce sustained commercial gas flow results in its current areas of influence. Apex has also made this very clear to certain media representatives who continue to report inaccurately and in a sensationalistic manner without due regard for facts or consultation.
In addition, Apex and its Joint venture partner, Ormil Energy Ltd, who are the operators of the upcoming drilling programme are currently considering other innovative ways, which do not involve fraccing, to successfully deliver gas from the Illawarra coal measures in anticipation of successful feasibility assessment."

However, Apex are drilling for coal seam gas in Sydney's water catchment.

April 28, 2006

Apex Energy NL controls a large potential coal seam gas field in the Burragorang Region of NSW to the southwest of Sydney and adjacent to Warragamba Dam. The Petroleum Exploration Licence 454 (PEL 454) has been issued under the NSW Petroleum Act. Apex, having already been granted planning permission to complete a 15 well exploration program in the Illawarra region north of Wollongong and is now investigating the potential of the Burragorang Region. The area is on the doorstep of Sydney and many gas utilisation facilities. It is expected that planning operations relating to the Burragorang region will commence in 2010 with both coal mine gas and gas from the seams below the abandoned coal mines being targeted for exploitation.


Apex Energy's application for CSG drilling extension rejected

July 12, 2013 - Apex Energy’s application to extend gas drilling approval for 16 coal seam gas exploration wells on water catchment land in the area has been rejected by the NSW Planning Assessment Commission (PAC)

PAC said that until the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer’s review on the impacts, along with the state government’s resulting policy conclusions, were made, it would be inappropriate to approve the request.

Apex Energy had lodged a request with NSW Planning for a 3 year extension of the expiry date in August last year. Initial approval was given in September 2009 to drill boreholes around Darkes Forest and Maddens Plains with a 3 year time-limit.

See the NSW Planning Assessment Commission report

The majority of the 237 public submissions received objected to the proposal, many concerned about the region’s water catchment.

Despite the community objections, NSW Planning had recommended that PAC approve the extension.

PAC also received a letter from the Sydney Catchment Authority, indicating it was strongly against CSG activities in ‘‘special areas’’.

Seven of the proposed boreholes are within the Metropolitan and Woronora special areas, while a further site is on the boundary of the Woronora special area.

Another six of the 16 planned boreholes have been, or are set to be, declared prohibited, under new, more stringent state laws.





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