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Metgasco company details

Bentley Blockade

Metgasco and Bentley - The Untold Story by Dr Wayne Somerville

Metgasco rig delayed by asbestos scare?

"Missing" letters from Metgasco to Government Ministers released


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Metgasco Coal Seam Gas

Fracking Bentley - Metgasco Company Information

Metgasco Fiasco

Issue #1 - Kingfisher - two stage frack incomplete due to well failure. Well left un-rehabilitated for years. When attempted to work on well, 200 metres of drills string ejected near homes and airport.

The full report on the above 'incident' is available here

Issue #2 - Bowerbird E02 (Intercepted “significant” water; Borehole collapse).
Drilled into old river bed with boulder and sand with high water flows hole caving in from 23m drill to 27m, still in River bed. “Making high water flows”, “Discussions with Geo and town on what will be the next step in the program. To drill through this we will need mud pump with a high viscosity mud Gel Polymer mud system.” Hole drilled anyway despite high water flows.....Curious about setting casing in "river beds"? Me too.

Issue #3 - Corella E01 (Equipment stuck)
 Casing stuck - drill string parted twice; "explosive cutters" required to remove casing; Drilled; plugged and abandoned.......Anyone are to explain how 'explosive cutters" work?

Issue #4 - 3. Corella E02 (Equipment stuck)
Stuck HQ inner tube/retrieved; unable to log to total depth, hole flushed and logged; well suspended

Issue #5 - Corella E03 (Intercepted fault; Intercepted water; borehole collapse)
Well caving due to intercepted faults; water inflow 220 m prevented hole clearing; Production and Injection tested; plugged; “It should be noted that the restrictions of the supercombo (due to the length being on the order of 20m, with sensors spaced along it) and well caving due to intercepted faults, mean that effective logging was actually only available down to about 678 to 683m, depending on the tool.”

Issue #6 - Corella E06 (Intercepted fault)
Fault at ~540 metres

Issue #7 - Corella E10 (Intercepted water)
Water inflow 3 l/s 185 m to 205 m; Pressure build up in well over night. Weight up fluid. Observe well; Repair BOP; Shift kill tank on site. Wait on salt. Mix salt; Kill well.

Issue #8 - Corella P11 (Intercepted water)
Initially flowed water at 288 barrels of water per day, before falling to 170bpd

Issue #9 - Corella P12 (Lost circulation; Intercepted significant water)
Gunk plug used (?); Took losses; water soakage at 24 metres; 200gph @ 61 m; 600 gph @ 88m

Issue #10 - Corella P13 (Intercepted fault; Intercepted water; Equipment lost in hole)
 Fault was intercepted at 959mMD; interpreted to have a strike of 108degrees and a throw of 12m; water at 112-114 m @ 5 l/sec; 141-143m @ 8 l/sec; Drilling was terminated early when a fault was intercepted at ~959mMD, causing the drill string to become stuck at 967mMD. Efforts to dislodge the string were unsuccessful; the string was cut by Weatherford Wireline Services at a depth of 554mMD; 380m of drill string and the 33m borehole assembly were abandoned in the well from 554 to 967mMD.

Issue #11 - Corella P14 (Intercepted fault; Intercepted water)
Intercepted water 1.25 l/sec @ 120-122m; Drilling was terminated when a fault was intercepted at ~1,003mMD; Trial production

Issue #12 - Corella P16 (Intercepted water)
Water and gravel made setting collar difficult. Water producing in sandstone

Issue #13 - Riflebird E03 (Borehole collapse, Stuck pipes, Production test failed)Drilled through sloppy clay 0-33m; hole collapsed from 16m; water 2.5 lt/sec @ 56m; Many drums (pills) of Tuff-Pol used; Breakdowns, wireline snap; pipes stuck; used casing cutters; 6m HQ barrel left in hole; production and injection test failed; Test never achieved radial flow period; Test was not “analysable”; never got out of wellbore storage; plugged, abandoned. Site rehabilitated

Issue #14 - Riflebird E4 (Lost Circulation; Loss of integrity)
(this one was a Loo-Loo)
Pumped 2200 litres of grout into annulus but did not get a return to surface; took another 3000 lt without any return to surface; another 400 l with swelling pellets; "It is obvious we have very little if any grout seal around the casing"; grouted; added Tuff swell, bran etc; still no returns to surface; used "lost circulation material"; pumped bentonite and shredded paper to penetrate cracks; gas metre went into alarm mode "off scale"; hole spurting air and water; volumes of gas [Metgasco say to keep drilling as "gas levels are acceptable"]

Issue #15 - Riflebird E5 (Lost Circulation; Intercepted large water flows; Borehole collapse)
Early problems with sand & gravel]; lost circulation completely @ 98-100m; losing drilling mud to the formation; broke suction due to mud pits collapsing and losing mud; [quote] “The site is a mess. The mud pits are a mess. See what tomorrow brings”[unquote] caving clay & sand well collapsed ~96m; Large water flow 25 lt/sec @ 92m; unable to air drill; hole blockage @ 716 m

Issue #16 - Riflebird E15 (Intercepted water;Water losses)
Mud/water losses; Water production in Kanga SS cased off; “broken ground”; “returns gained but big water losses”; “change over to mud as high water volume washing out around cellar”

Issue #17 - WAYAN 01 (Loss of well integrity)
Too much water in hole for air (drilling); well kicking while trying to nipple-up; top bonnet seals leaking oil in annular; circulate mud in hole still kicking; well has been killed; bogged rods; approx 9 full pallets to fill up hole on logging - bridge found @ 549m; water show restricted to kangaroo sandstones these were cased off. Well was shut-in

Issue #18 - CEDAR POINT 1 (Borehole collapse; well integrity; methane in mud)
Gas entering the mud column during periods of non-circulation; Wireline logging commenced; encountered difficulty with hole blockages in the Walloon Coal Measures; unable to penetrate below 600 metres; HQ rods were then run into the hole to clear obstructions but the zone from about 600 to 670 would not remain open. This section was logged by density and neutron through the rods. Further blockages were encountered below 670 metres and no sondes were able to penetrate below 785 metres

Issue #19 - NCASI-1R (Well integrity issues/Intercepted dolerite sill/methane in mud)
Hole bridged; BOP casing not holding test pressure and the hole was abandoned and a redrill commenced; hard dolerite slowed progress and contributed to substantial bit wear. Large zone with irregular highly washed walls; gas entering mud column; 340 metres where a 9 metre intrusive sill was intersected; presence of methane in mud returns was monitored; minor hole bridging; fully cemented base to surface. 176 m of Dolerite sills intersected at 5 different intervals; little coal.

Issue #20 - SCASI-1 (Lost circulation – severe/Well integrity)
• Leak off @ 149 m; severe water losses 163-165; Water loss was reduced by use of “Quick Seal” lost circulation material (wood chip, cotton waste and cellophane flakes) but water loss to various extents remained throughout the hole. 4 drill bits destroyed by quartzose sandstone; Wireline logging could not access the hole below a coaly interval at 617 metres, and major problems were encountered at this zone and below, in attempts to clear obstructions.

Issue #22 - SCASI-3 (Intercepted fault/Borehole collapse)
Fault @ 527m; 70deg; absence of top seam=low gas; suspended; drill future wells north and east to avoid fault [yep folks..there is no seal layer between the aquifers and the coal seams in this area...but that does not seem to be a deterrent...drill on..drill on...]

Issue #23 - SCASI-4 (Well integrity)
Slow drilling through sandstone; drill pipe stuck; trouble fishing them out; cemented but ‘would not hold pressure’

Issue #24 - SCASI-5
Circulate to take out Gas filled mud @ 300m; hole was taking water; Auslog was added; liquipol used – casing stuck?; Well stimulation

Issue #26 - SCASI-6
Perforate casing (?); lost circulation and pressure; grout and cement

Issue #27 - SCASI 08
Drill string blocked; hole conditions deteriorating (31/01/2006);
regular flushing required; stuck rods; bogged – awaiting Bowen spear; work HQ pipe free; wait on fishing equipment; 14 lengths left in hole; wait on fishing tool – carrot tap; fishing retrieve 7 lengths; run back in cannot fish remaining rods; run rods to bottom, latch onto stuck HTW casing; attempt to extract HWT casing with bell tap; casing bogged, cannot extract; run rods to bottom, screw into stuck HWT casing; attempt to extract with carrot tap; casing bogged, cannot extract; work rods rest of shift to try and free casing; work rod string with back hammer; no success; 5 lengths extracted; 2 x 6 m lengths left down hole; broke rod strung 23 rods from surface; mill casing; add polymer to fluid system; 4 m extracted; (etc., etc.); ream to 480.7 m and “begin to have difficulties”; PDC cannot get through (etc.)

Issue #28 - SCASI 09
Driller seizure; drilling verticals coal “bottle neck” blockages

Issue #29 - SCASI 10
Casing leak; 300 metres of pipe drop down hole due to rig failure; small gas influx to surface, mixed up and pumped down hole 8.9ppg KCL; Gas influx ceased; drilling path miscalculated; hole tight at 1298 m, flushing through, blocked off; work rod strings blocked bit or seized motor


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